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XR and it's companion product oRTIgo (from RTI Electronics AB) have been replaced by a new RTI product, Ocean.

All XR users are entitled to the same upgrade price as oRTIgo users.

XR/oRTIgo are no longer in development but support is still available.

Thank you for your business!

All RTI products including Ocean, Piranha and Barracuda are sold/serviced exclusively in Canada by CSP Medical.
Phone: 1-800-265-3460
E-mail: sales@cspmedical.com
Web: www.cspmedical.com

Ocean compared with XR

Ocean Professional exceeds the abilities of XR/Ortigo "full version".
Ocean Connect exceeds the abilities of XR/Ortigo "free version".

It's easier to use, much more powerful and flexible.

One of the coolest things about ocean is it's ability to measure and analyze many different things at the same time. You can build your own "all-in-one" test that analyzes HVL, accuracy of multiple parameters, reproducibility of multiple parameters, linearity, AEC, min/max, AGD, etc all at once... (can't do that in XR/oRTIgo).

You can do all of these things in Ocean but not in XR/oRTIgo:

  • include formatting & pictures in your comments
  • decide what your analysis includes (choose your own formatting & choose from many, many possible values to show in analysis). Choose your own defaults.
  • decide what rows are included in an analysis.
  • use your own calculated columns (formulas).
  • save Real-time meter measurements
  • use with MS Excel
  • embed files right into a session (instructions, reference materials, Excel files, etc)
  • measure more than one of the same measurement type (caveat: XR/oRTIgo could do 2 of the same type but only in the Real-time meter)
  • embed a spreadsheet file right into a session (Ocean "takes care of the file" for you). If you export the session to someone else, they get the excel file too from inside the session.

There's so much more...it's an entirely new program that is a completely new design.

Read more about Ocean.

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